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Vehiculos Honda: Es Mejor el Aceite Sintetico?

Honda fit

Honda vehicles are exceptional models that are built for longevity and performance. Of course, to ensure that they operate well for as long as possible there are key maintenance that must be performed by the owners. Changing the oil and oil filter regularly or servicing at your local Honda dealer can help. If you buy a new vehicle (or a new one for yourself) and are planning to make your first oil change, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of oil selections available in the parts department. Vehicle oil is generally separated into two categories, conventional oil and synthetic oil. The synthetic oil first went on sale almost fifty years ago and has been causing a debate ever since.

The Basics of How Engine Oil Works

All vehicles, including Honda vehicles, need oil for the optimal operation of their engines. When you start your Honda, the engine oil is pumped into the engine compartments, lubricating vital components that move and rub against each other. Without engine oil, the delicate components inside the engine cannot be lubricated and are at risk of destructively grinding, causing irrevocable damage to the engine.

Understanding Synthetic and Conventional Engine Oil

Conventional oil engines are derived from chemical products with or without oil and are mixed with special components to create molecules of different sizes. By contrast, synthetic oils combine up to three different synthetic basic liquids and have a molecular structure whose mass and shape is consistent. For those non-scientists in here, the important thing to note is that they both operate similarly and that synthetic motor oils can be used in any motor where motor oil is needed.

You are currently wondering, if the two types of oils are so similar, then what is the point in using synthetic oil? The answer is longevity. Synthetic motor oils are generally more durable and specifically more resistant to the common high temperatures in engine operation, so components break down more slowly than conventional oil. This makes Honda vehicles that use synthetic oils last up to six months or 5,000 miles between services, while vehicles using conventional oils generally would need services every three months or 3,000 miles.

Because you can expect more between oil services, most people consider synthetic oil to be the best choice for the environment (because less oil is taken up in total) and for your wallet. In fact, most experts, including our own service team, recommend the use of synthetic motor oil for all new Honda vehicles and service-oriented vehicles. Of course, if you have a vehicle with more years or with high mileage (such as one approaching or passing 100,000 miles), then conventional motor oil may be a better option for more economical and because, as more worked engines and with many miles, they burn oil faster, you will have to make more frequent oil changes anyway.

Need to Schedule Your Next Oil Change? Contact McGrath City Honda

Is it time for your first or fifteenth oil change? Contact our team at McGrath City Honda about planning oil services for your vehicle today or for information on various other services we offer.

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